Hourly Rates for our Most Popular Services

All plans come with awesome support by email and phone. There is no hidden fee!
  • Remote
  • $85/hr
    • Use our Remote Support system (LogMeIn) to fix your problems.
    • Cost-effective and fast. Your best deal.
    • If you can get your PC or Mac online, this solution will work for you.
    • Business hours Support via Text, Email and Telephone.
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  • On-Site
  • $100/hr
    • Set an appointment and we will solve your problems.
    • Serving all of San Miguel County, some drive time for certain locations.
    • At your place, on your schedule.
    • Business hours Support via Text, Email and Telephone.
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  • Website Design
  • $65/hr
    • Globally distribute your brand channels.
    • Logo design, graphics, Email, domains and hosting.
    • Your choice of Joomla3, SharePoint, or WordPress site development.
    • Business hours technical Support via Email.
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  • After Hours
  • $125/hr
    • Business-class response for emergencies and contracts.
    • We will fix your time-sensitive business-critical issues.
    • Even after hours, our prices are lower than our competitors.
    • 24-hour on-call Support via Text, Email and Telephone.
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