Hourly Rates for our Most Popular Services

Remote assistance for all devices. On-site service from certified experts. Cutting-edge website design powered by AI.
After-hours coverage from former security clearance holders.

  • Remote
  • $85/hr
  • Expert Tech Support at Your Fingertips - Seamless remote assistance for all your devices, delivered via text, email or phone call. Our technicians provide tailored solutions, ensuring your tech runs smoothly.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility - Whether PC, Mac, or mobile, we have you covered with comprehensive remote support across all operating systems.
  • Flexible, On-Demand Service - Connect instantly when issues arise. Swift resolutions during operating hours.
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  • On-Site
  • $125/hr
  • Personalized Tech Expertise - As a seasoned sole proprietor, I bring decades of experience directly to your doorstep, providing tailored on-site service that ensures optimal performance while seamlessly integrating into your environment.
  • White Glove Solutions - From hardware to software, trust my professional expertise to resolve your unique tech needs with dedicated, personal attention.
  • Reliable Support You Can Count On - My comprehensive solutions are backed by a customer-first approach. I'm there when you need me, providing hassle-free service.
  • Schedule On-Site
  • Website Design
  • $75/hr
  • Cutting-Edge Web Presence, Powered by AI - Captivating custom designs combined with dynamic AI-driven development for an unbeatable online experience. Engage visitors with compelling visuals and intuitive functionality.
  • Branding That Resonates - Stand out with logos, graphics, and assets crafted by seasoned creatives to elevate your brand's identity.
  • Intuitive AI-Enhanced Websites - Joomla, SharePoint, WordPress - our AI integration ensures user-centric websites regardless of platform.
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  • After Hours
  • $135/hr
  • After Hours Support You Can Trust - Emergency response for time-sensitive, business-critical issues handled by an experienced professional.
  • 24/7 On-Call Availability - On-call via text, email or phone for prompt resolutions when you need them most.
  • Personal Attention from a Former Security Clearance Holder - My dedicated focus and cleared background ensure issues are resolved discreetly with no downtime.
  • Get After Hours Coverage

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Reliable, personalized solutions tailored to integrate into your environment with no downtime. Experience the difference of prompt, professional support you can trust.

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