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/ˈhelp ˌdesk/
a service providing information and support to computer users, especially within a company.


Alexander Pape

Founder and Operator of Telluride Helpdesk

Mr. Alexander Pape holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, as well as current Dell and Microsoft certifications. Alex has been a system administrator, IT manager, and technical director at fine hospitality institutions such as the Inn at Lost Creek, Destination Hotels and Resorts, Blackstone/LXR Luxury Resorts, and Wyndham International. You may know him from the Peaks Resort and Golden Door Spa (2003-2007).

Alex is a decorated USMC Veteran, has received a number of awards and is credited with numerous online publications. Alex can be found online at LinkedInOnForce and Twitter and has been a verified PayPal merchant since 1998.




Sharon Pape

Mac Specialist and Customer Satisfaction Guru

Mrs. Sharon Pape is the client satisfaction guru of Telluride Helpdesk and Alex's wife. Sharon holds a bachelor of business administration degree. Sharon and Alex have been hard-working Telluride locals for over a decade and have been providing IT service for the community since 2006.


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To take out the guesswork from your technology projects. Streamline your systems. Keep you and your data safe.

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Proactively provide incomparable service and value to our clients.

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Using on-site and remote technologies to provide a cost-effective remedy to your computer problems.

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