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Telluride Helpdesk, LLC

Providing computer support, technical consulting and website design to businesses and residences in San Miguel County since 1999.


Do you have Computer Trouble?

We can fix it. We specialize in Mac and PC Repair.

Bring us your broken or underperforming computers!

Telluride Helpdesk's most valuable service is PC and server maintenance.


Remote Support.

We provide Remote Connections for your wired or wireless setup.

Remote Support

Quick help where ever you are. Detailed troubleshooting and results you can immediately use, anti-virus & more.


Website Design.

Responsive design, meaning it looks good on your smartphone.

Website Design

We have a deep portfolio and experience to give you graphics packages, brand name recognition, SEO, and metrics.


Open a ticket to get help today!

Instant response

Quick and Easy Help

Open a ticket today to get assistance with any tech-related problems. Just click the ticket icon above.


At Our Core

Telluride Helpdesk is making it easy for you to get help with your computer and technology projects! Our methodology is straightforward and fast:

Take out the guesswork!

  • We look at your current situation, resources, and objectives. (We ignore internal politics, biases, and hang-ups.)
  • We recommend specific steps that will generate measurable movement toward your objectives.
  • We’ll show you how to use technology to make your existing concern more profitable.
  • We prioritize each recommendation so that you can get the biggest impact with the least time and work.
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