PC Maintenance
How do you get a dead computer running again quickly? Or how do you tune a computer like a fine instrument? You bring it to Telluride Helpdesk.

Many of our clients use Telluride Helpdesk for PC and server maintenance. We clean, fine-tune, prevent crashes and virus attacks. We can install your new RAM, hard drive or any peripheral. Drop it off at our Placerville office (or call for a pickup) and give Telluride Helpdesk the chance to show you how to do it right. We do a quality job so that you can rest easy and not worry.

Service calls in the Telluride area are $100/hr with a half-hour minimum. Drive time is included at the same rate when called to remote areas in San Miguel County. Pick-ups and drop-offs on your schedule, at your location, are not free services.

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